7 Fun iPhone Features You Didn’t Know About.

Most life-long iPhone users are familiar with features like the flashlight, camera, calculator, and Siri. However, there are some hidden features that iPhone users may know about. They might sometimes have a hard time figuring out how to use them, and sometimes they don’t even know they exist. Apparently, there have been some users who even unknowingly used some features, and caused serious phone issues. They had to visit a mobile repair shop and discover that they had accidentally activated a feature they didn’t know about. In this piece, we will acquaint you with seven fun iPhone features you didn’t know about.

Swipe Texting

Similar to Android phones, you can swipe your finger from left to right or right-to-left on an individual message in your phone’s messaging app. Once you’re in this mode, swipe across the on-screen keyboard to type your message; if you missed a letter, simply lift your finger and start typing over again. You’ll be able to substitute letters for words, which will help increase your typing speed. However, it might take a little time to get used to.

Emphasized Texting

Many iPhone users are already aware of the reaction feature but didn’t know about emphasizing texting. There’s a hidden iMessage feature where you can emphasize the texts you send to fellow iPhone users. You just have to simply open the iMessage app of your iPhone, type what you want to say, and press the blue send arrow. This will open a menu of effects you can add to your text.

iMessage Text Effects

In addition to emphasized texts, iMessage has sayings that can trigger a secret messaging effect. Whenever you type some of these words on your iMessage, you’ll get a special effect such as balloons or hearts, fireworks, or confetti. Some of iMessage’s popular trigger words are like “Happy birthday “and “congratulations.”

Measure App

This incredible feature was added to the iPhone with the iOS 12. The Measure app lets you measure things using your camera. For instance, if you wanted to know the size of your bed in inches, you could snap a picture of it and instantly get the measurement. You just have to open the app and point your camera at the object. The app should display your item’s measurement. Just make sure that you can capture the entire object on the screen.

Notes Scanner:

Did you know that you can use your iPhone camera to scan documents using the Notes app? It’s not called a scanner, but it works just like one! You just have to open the notes app, find a scan button in the bottom left corner, and then point your iPhone at the paperwork you want to scan. As you hold your camera over a document, it will stitch together a high-resolution image. In case the image is too blurry, you can tap on the screen to refocus. You’ll also be able to send your scan as a picture or a PDF.

Bedtime vs. Alarm

Many people utilize the “Alarm” tab and don’t realize that they can create a “Bedtime” option. This setting allows you to choose between an alarm clock and a bedtime mode. For example, if you set it to Bedtime, the iPhone will automatically switch you to Do Not Disturb while sleeping. However, you can also set a wake-up time, which the iPhone will automatically switch you to Alarm Mode when it counts down to the specified time. The Bedtime” feature is located under the “Clock” app of your iPhone.

Bye-Bye, Robocalls!

Did you know that your iPhone can stop spam calls? Many iPhone owners don’t, and that’s because the feature is hidden in the Settings app. Go to your “Settings” menu, select “Phone,” and then enable “Silence Unknown Callers. Your iPhone will automatically silence all calls from unknown callers. But it won’t block the call; it will forward it straight to voicemail without your phone ringing. This feature can be a lifesaver, especially when you’re in a meeting or just don’t feel like picking up unknown callers.

The above are only some of the many hidden iOS features. There are still plenty more tricks to be explored, and in the coming years, there will be even more.
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