How to Find the Document Scanner in iPhone

The iPhone is a powerful device with many features, some of which you have never used before. For example, the inbuilt document scanner was quietly released, and most people haven’t used it yet. I discovered mine during a trip to an iPad repair shop and was absolutely blown away. This article will show you how to find the scanner in iOS 11, plus some helpful tips for making a good scan. Essentially, the iOS 11 document scanning feature allows you to use your phone to scan documents seamlessly. This is a nice productivity tool for submitting papers, such as assignments and work documents. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find the scan feature on your iPhone.

Step #1: Open the Notes Application on iPhone or iPad

Open the “Notes” application on iPhone, tap the “+” icon in the lower right corner of your screen. A new note will open on your device, but you can also use an existing note before proceeding to step 2.

Step #2: Locate the Scan Feature

The Notes app has a scanning mode that lets you take pictures of documents like a traditional scanner would. To use this feature, tap the camera button then select “Scan Document.” You should now be able to take a picture of your deliverables and watch it convert into a PDF right before your eyes.

Step #3: Crop Your Image

Cropping is optional, but it’s more than just a nice-to-have feature. It actually makes your scans cleaner and easier to read. To crop an image, tap on the red frame that appears around the document you’re scanning and drag the corners until it shows only the part you need. You can also select a different scanning mode. This will allow you to scan several documents rather than one at a time. To switch to another mode, tap the camera button again and select “Scan Other Documents”.

Step #4: Finalize Your Scan

This is the last step. And you should have a scanned version of your document. Just make sure the picture is clear enough for what you need it for, then tap save as PDF or JPEG. The difference between this iOS solution and a dedicated scanning device is that the iOS 11 document scanner allows users to live-crop the scan, auto-detect edges, and straightens images using AI. A traditional scanning device has none of these features. And that usually results in distorted images.

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