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How to Fix Faulty Macbook Keys

The Apple keyboard comes out as a sleek masterpiece with a look to behold. Engineered by the world’s best gadget creators, its ergonomic design makes sure that your wrists don’t burn out after hours of typing. Regardless of the looks and build quality, the Apple keyboard has its share of problems. A trip to a Mac repair specialist is sometimes inevitable. 

As a Macbook owner, it becomes frustrating when the inbuilt keyboard fails. Stuck keys, typing the wrong character, or totally being unresponsive are some of the most common issues. 

To save you from such frustrations, we will share several tips on how to fix faulty Macbook keys without expert knowledge.

Keep the Keyboard Clean

Dirt build-up under Macbook keys tops the list of usual suspects. Food particles, dust accumulation and other solid materials settled under the keys will eventually render them unusable. 

How to Clean a Macbook Keyboard

Compressed air comes as an effective way of cleaning a dirty keyboard. It’s easy to use and widely available in retail outlets. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Fix the air control straw on the can
  • Tilt the Macbook at 75° and start spraying in a side-to-side motion
  • Rotate the Macbook and keep on spraying from all angles i.e left side down then right side down

In those three steps, any stuck debris will most likely fall off the keyboard. This method is recommended before any other step is taken.

Perform Regular Updates

Most computer users have a habit of ignoring software update notifications. What they don’t understand is that these updates are designed for general performance improvement. Failure to perform updates may lead to device malfunctions, keyboard failure being one of them. 

Updates can be installed manually or automatically. Here’s how. 

Checking for Macbook Updates Manually

  • On the top left of the screen, click on the Apple icon
  • Select “System Preferences”
  • Click on “Updates”

Checking for Macbook Updates Automatically

  • Click on the Apple icon on the top left
  • Select “System Preferences” then “Software Update”
  • Select “Automatically keep my Mac up to date”
  • Select “Advanced” then “Download new updates when available” to always download automatically
  • Select “Install MacOs updates” to install them automatically
  • Click “OK” 

Remove Suspicious Apps

A keyboard might have been perfectly working then started malfunctioning out of nowhere. The user might also have installed some new applications recently. These applications should be investigated or better still, uninstalled. 

Here is a simple guide on how to uninstall Macbook applications in a few clicks. 

Method 1

  • Open the “Launchpad” from the dock
  • Long click on the app and wait until an “X” appears on the top right of the apps
  • Clicking on the “X” removes the unwanted apps
  • Click outside the apps area to exit the uninstall mode

Method 2

  • Open the “Launchpad” as explained above
  • Drag and drop the unwanted app to the trash bin on the dock
  • Right-click trash and “Empty Trash”

Method 3

  • Click on “Go” from the menu on the top
  • Select “Applications” folder
  • Highlight the unwanted app, right click then “Move to Trash”

Turn off “Slow Keys” Setting

This is an accessibility feature in the MacOs. It makes keypress less sensitive in a way that you have to long-press for it to respond. If enabled unknowingly, this feature may cause nightmares to the user. Below are two ways to disable “Slow Keys”. 

Method 1

To turn “Slow Keys” “On” or “Off“ using a shortcut, Press Option-Command-F5. 

Method 2

  • Click on the Apple icon on the top left
  • Select “System Preferences” 
  • Select “Accessibility”
  • Select “Keyboard” 
  • Turn off “Slow Keys”

Visit an Apple Repair Outlet

In rare cases, a manufacture error could cause some parts of a gadget to fail. The Apple keyboard is not an exception. As the saying goes, “there are many ways to kill a rat”. If all the above steps fail to materialize, you may need to visit for expert advice.


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