How To Save A Water-Damaged iPhone?

Technology has evolved with time. It is common to see manufacturers claiming that their phones are water-resistant, but there is a loophole right there. Being water-resistant does not mean that a phone cannot get damaged by water. Although devices like the iPhone are built with extreme precision, they can also get damaged due to water. 

Many people get freaked out when their iPhone gets damaged. iPhones are expensive devices, and it can cost a huge amount of money to get them repaired. While many stores may offer iPhone repair services in your neighborhood, it is important to choose an expert to handle it. But what are the things to take care of until you reach the repair store?

Do’s And Don’ts Of iPhone Water Damage Repair


Switch Your Phone Off

After the water has seeped into the device, it is crucial to turn it off as the water could cause a short circuit and damage the device even more than before.

Take The Case Off

The case can accumulate some water, which can get into the device and cause more harm. It is suggested to remove the case and wipe any excess liquid off your device immediately after turning it off.

Remove The Sim Card

There could be moisture in the SIM card tray as well. To get rid of that, take the SIM out and dry the tray to protect the iPhone from further damage.

Wipe The Phone With A Clean Cloth

After taking all the above things out of your device, take a piece of cloth and wipe off any moisture you may find on the device. It is necessary to completely dry the phone in order to save it from further damage. Make sure not to tilt the device while cleaning it as the water can travel to other parts of the device.

Dismantle The Device

After wiping the device, dismantle as many parts as possible and leave them to dry for at least 8-10 hours before turning it on again.


Do Not Tilt The Device

This can be one of the worst things that you can do to your iPhone. Tilting your water-damaged phone can cause the liquid to get into more places and increase the chances of a short circuit. If a device gets short-circuit, it will be nearly impossible to fix it.

Do Not Use Blow Dryer

Blow drying can cause the water to go further deep into the device, which will be very difficult to get rid of later.

Do Not Put It In A Bag Of Rice

The dust in rice can mix with water and clog your device. Even though this is a widely used method to dry your device, it will only result in a blunder.

Once you have tried all of these tips, you can restart the device and see if it works. If it doesn’t, there is no need to worry, as the experts at mobileR can help you fix the device quickly. To get your iPhone repaired, visit their website today –


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