Should You Repair Your Broken MacBook Or Sell It?

MacBooks are pretty expensive and fancy. Most MacBook users understand how expensive their devices are and so care for them appropriately. However, life happens and this may sometimes lead to problems. MacBook problems vary in severity from water damage to cracked screens or touch sensitivity problems, etc. – all of which require mac repair

If you have a broken MacBook and can’t seem to decide on whether to pay for repair service or sell off the device, you should first consider the seriousness of the problem. MacBook problems are in levels, some come with hopes of repairs while others encourage you to sell off the carcass and purchase another. The following section lists some of the common problems you may experience and what to do in those instances.

An Out of Warranty MacBook

If you have broken your MacBook’s warranty or you have had it for longer than the warranty’s cover, be prepared to spend a ridiculously high amount of money to repair it from an Apple store. Apple stores will usually take responsibility for certain problems that affect your device and may charge zero or subsidized rates for such repairs. However, when the warranty coverage period is over, you can expect to pay more for repairs.

If the problem relates to water or fluid spills, chances are high that the repair quote may be as high as half the price of a new MacBook device. It may be best to sell the broken device in such instances where you are faced with ridiculously high repair costs. You can top up the proceeds from the sale to buy a new MacBook device.

If you have been given a fairly reasonable repair quote, you may ask about the selling price of your broken MacBook to get more clarity. If you’ll need to add much more to the selling price to get a new one, it may be best to repair your damaged MacBook.

Apple Repair Tiers

When your MacBook is broken, it is important to note that there is nothing like MacBook repairs. Instead, certain damaged parts within the device will be replaced to restore functionality. For instance, a broken MacBook screen requires screen replacement instead of an entire MacBook repair. With Apple, each repair or parts replacement service rendered is graded into tiers. Each repair tier is different based on the level of damage and the parts to be replaced. For instance, Apple may choose to upgrade a repair service to the next tier if more than three replacement parts are required. So, if you have a problem that is originally classified under Tier 1 pricing, multiple Tier 1 problems can lead to being upgraded to Tier 2 pricing.

When it comes to the cost of repairing your MacBook at an Apple accredited or official store, there’s no telling how much you may end up spending. Repairs and parts replacement may range from as low as $29 to as high as $1,000 or more.

Tier 1 Pricing

Tier 1 or the primary tier houses some of the common repairs and minor parts replacement. Some of the common services in this tier include cable replacement, feet, reseating, screwing, or others. The problem may also be structural as in hinges or brackets.

Tier 2 Pricing

Tier 2 problems generally involve minor assemblies and board-related issues. Common tier 2 problems include the replacement of inverter assembly, power supply board, or interconnect board. Replacing an LCD polarizer or enclosure parts may also fall in this category.

Tier 3 Pricing

This involves hard drive replacements.

Tier 4 Pricing

This mostly involves the delicate parts of the MacBook, including screen and logic board replacements. Any large or vastly detrimental problems are classified under this tier.

What Happens If You Break Your MacBook Screen?

MacBook screens are fragile and can break easily when not properly handled. If your MacBook screen is broken, even a part of it, it takes away from the device’s appeal and ease of use. Small screen problems can also spread to other parts of the screen at a later date. Screen repairs are one of the commonest major repairs MacBook users face. About 1 in 4 MacBook users is likely to get a screen replacement in the first two years of use.

Whether the problem began gradually or happened suddenly, knowing what to prepare for can help with the next steps to take.

Cost of Repairing Your MacBook Screen

A MacBook screen replacement falls under Tier 4 damage which means that it’ll cost you a decent amount of money. Depending on the model of your MacBook, you may spend anything between $455 and $900 repairing your MacBook screen. You may end up spending more if there are other problems with your device.

Usually, a MacBook Pro Late 2012 screen replacement will cost an upward of $400, a MacBook Air 13-inches (2010 to 2017) will cost an upward of $350, and a MacBook Pro with Retina 2015 to date will cost an upward of $450.

What Happens If Your MacBook Is Damaged by Liquid?

Liquid damage can be minor or extensive. Seeing as Apple quotes its repair prices based on Tiers and damage classification, you may be charged between Tier 2 and 4. Tier 4 repairs usually cost an upward of $750 which is closer to the cost of a new MacBook itself. It may be best to sell your damaged MacBook when faced with a high repair cost from liquid damage.

What Happens When Your MacBook Suffers Natural Wear and Tear?

The natural wear and tear of your MacBook depends on how you have used your device. Some devices may suffer a few scratches and chips while others may suffer extensive damages resulting from use. Apple often offers to recycle older MacBook units and you may be eligible for a trade-in to purchase a newer model. You may need to consult the nearest Apple office for confirmation.

While Apple stores charge a premium for repairs, certified third-party stores often charge less and deliver the same results. If you are wondering what to do with your broken MacBook, visit for help.


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