Simple iPhone Repair Tweaks Before Contacting Your iPhone Repair Tech

Smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives. With each smartphone comes many possibilities and features, including camera lenses, calculator, notepad, calendar, email and social network messaging, and more. These features are asides from the obvious phone call ability. With these many features, people can connect with friends and strangers, and get business done on the go. As with any other electronic device, smartphones are prone to damage that may affect your life and business. When your smartphone becomes faulty, there is a choice to be made, to repair or purchase a new unit. Many people choose the repair path because it is cheaper. Before taking your faulty iPhone for an express iPhone repair, we have put together some tweaks that can save you money and maybe revive your smartphone from its disrepair state.

Below are some of the commonest iPhone problems you may likely encounter and how to address them before sending your phone to a repair tech.

Black Screen

A black screen may show up due to various reasons. For example, your iPhone may display a black screen when the display is turned off or when it has gone into a display sleep mode after prolonged inactivity. To be sure that the black screen problem isn’t a big deal, start by double-tapping on the screen or pressing the home button (for older iPhone versions). A working display should show you your lock screen or wallpaper.

However, if you tapped on the screen with no response, you can go ahead to press and hold the power button to confirm your iPhone isn’t off. If your device doesn’t come up, plug it into a power source as it may have run out of battery. If at the end of these solutions your iPhone display hasn’t come up, you should contact your repair technician.

White Screen

While the black screen display may be caused by different reasons, the white screen display is often indicative of a hardware problem. The white screen may also be due to the installation of snowy software or an iPhone jailbreak. The first step to troubleshooting this problem is to plug your phone into a power outlet. If your iPhone gives the charging chime but remains unresponsive, contact your repair technician. The problem with your iPhone may be due to iOS failure or hardware damage. Your repair tech should be able to eliminate the possibilities and arrive at the problem’s source.

Battery Problems

Older iPhone models are known to have battery problems. Whether your battery is draining too fast or not charging at all, you can narrow down the cause. For iPhones that won’t charge, there could be a problem with your iPhone charger. Try a new charger and be sure to switch on the power outlet. The problem could also be from your charging port – in which case you need a repair tech.

If your battery is draining too fast, you may need to check your Apps section to see which of your applications is consuming the most battery power. Sometimes, background applications may drain your iPhone’s battery. If there isn’t any indication of a background app running, you can change your charger, or contact a repair tech for battery replacement.

Troubleshooting your iPhone problems can save you some money and re-connect you to work, family and friends. If you wish to learn more about iPhone repairs or wish to contact a repair tech, visit


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