What To Do If You Spill Water On Your MacBook

A MacBook is an expensive gadget that comes in handy for various jobs including remote work. Therefore, accessing quality mac repair services when the need arises is essential. You may require to carry your MacBook everywhere for the work and fun activities that you get to do on it. You cannot predict what will happen to your mac when working, studying, or surfing the internet. Accidents are unpredictable and can happen so fast, making it important to have safety measures just in case. Spilling drinks onto your MacBook can happen anytime when you want to drink water, coffee, or other beverages while working on it, and you slip up. Below are detailed steps you should take when you spill water or any beverage on your MacBook to avoid extensive damage.

Unplug The Charger

Unplugging the charger of the MacBook is essential to avoid being a victim of electric shock because water is a current conductor. As soon as you spot water on your MacBook, you should switch off the socket and disconnect the charger for safety. Ensure the unplugging is safe to avoid accidents triggered by electricity and water collisions, leading to fatal injuries. Once you have turned off the power, shut down your Mac Book if it was on. You can long press the power button until the screen is turned off. Keep in mind this action requires speed so you can save your MacBook from damage by preventing water penetration to the delicate parts.

Dry The MacBook

After unplugging your MacBook from the power source and turning it off, the next step is to take it from the water and dry it with a paper towel. Try to absorb as much water as you can to control the penetration of water to the inside systems of your gadget. After drying with a paper towel or a cotton cloth, flip the MacBook and let it air dry so water can drain from the vulnerable parts. Flipping is, however, hard when you cannot tell how much water is inside the MacBook because your goal is not to spread it. When some instances of flipping it to drain the water work, others do not because the water ends up being spread across it, and it further ruins the inner parts that are hard to repair. 

Let The MacBook Air Dry For Two Days Before Turning On

Your MacBook may end up damaged when you turn it on too soon after the water accident because the affected parts are not yet dry for operation. It is advisable to let the MacBook air dry for two days to free it from any water before you check to see if it is still operating normally. You cannot predict how long it will take to get rid of the water that penetrated your MacBook; that is why giving it time is a smart move.

Water may spill on your MacBook accidentally. When this happens, reach out to professional Mac repair services. MobileR offers iPhone, iPad, smartphone, and computer repair services that come with a warranty. You can reach us for quotations and directions to our location by calling 843-388-3897 or visiting our website at


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